What the Heck is Rossiter Stretching?

Shelly Beyerle is a Rossiter stretching expert, foam rolling queen and one my gurus. She knows her stuff and is a beautiful soul inside and out. 

Check out how Rossiter can help you:

Suffering from pain and injury sucks. Sometimes, I feel like it's one thing after another. Rossiter has helped me so much because it gets to the root of pain. When I love something, unfortunately, I tend to tell the world. People have asked me what it is and the best way I can describe it is that it is like Rolfing, but with feet.

Shelly uses her feet to stretch the fascia and connective tissues to create real, lasting results in your body. She says that getting balanced is the fountain of youth!

So what the heck is Rossiter?

  • Rossiter stretches the fascia & connective tissue resetting your body.
  • What is Fascia? The thin sheath of tissue surrounding your muscles.
  • Connective tissue is a network/system that is important to your overall health and well being.
  • Rossiter addresses the root cause of issues in your body and can help:
    • Reverse and help prevent future injuries 
    • Opens up posture for better breathing and alignment
    • You have more energy and feel better because you are not dragged back by pain
    • Sleep Better

Shelly's Spring Time Tips: 

  • Move your body because sitting is a slow death.
  • Get up and walk, drink water because movement makes you less stuck.

Shelly & Keith Beyerle own  in Fort Collins, CO and are experts in fitness & Rossiter Stretching. Shelly has been practicing Rossiter Stretching for the past 7.5 years. She and Keith support clients and community with their love and passion for health and wellness, providing life changing classes and workshops.


Call to make an appointment at 970-472-9938

Questions? StraightLineFitness@gmail.com

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