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Meal Planning Basics: Save Time & LBS

3 Easy Tips Benefits of meal planning: When you plan, your grocery list is clear and shopping is more efficient cutting down the last minute trips for a few items. Mostly, it helps you not raid the fridge when you are starving because you have it all planned out and food is on hand. I can't wait to take my own advice:) Mix It Up: Alternate between new and old favorite recipes, check out blogs & ask your friends. Seasonal: What fresh produce is available? Is it soup or salad weather? Picture the plate: As you plan, remember vegetables & fruits cover half your plate, lean protein covers a quarter and the rest should be whole grains if you do that kind of thing. Need...

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Quick Tips For Eating Clean

Whether you are making food at home or buying, here are a few tips for getting & staying clean: gluten or wheat free. Gluten Free products are not always better so make sure to read labels. Rule of thumb: If you can't pronounce an ingredient, you shouldn't be eating it. no processed sugar. Depending on your body type we recommend eating fruits, use honey, dates or date sugar, monk fruit, maple syrup or maple sugar and sometime coconut sugar. All are better than the white devil. dairy free. however, I use grassfed butter and cream so listen to your body and decide what works for you. The more hungry we get, it is best for our minds and bodies to have...

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