Warm Cleansing? + DIY Your Own!




It's the perfect time to start fresh and flush out the good time of the holiday season. Our sweet livers and digestive systems have gone through the ringer and could use a little R&R.

Your body will thank you. 

We (Barry + I), believe that cleansing is a great time to reset our minds + bodies and ultimately our souls. It creates a space for mindfulness and a little madness as we let go of some not so great habits.

With the weather being frightful, we LOVE to reset with organic and mostly vegan soups + broths mixed in with fresh, raw juices to detox the cells and fill them with oxygen. 

Want to DIY Your Reset? Making yummy soups + broths is easy at home and can be done in no time flat. And if you have a juicer, pick up a great guide like the Juicing Bible or the Crazy Sexy Diet Book for good ideas on detoxing, eating clean and living Ur Wunder. 

Depending on your desire, you can do 3-4 Soups and broths per day and add in 2-3 juices to get a deep cleansing effect. Our bodies crave warmth in the winter and let's face it, a cold juice cleanse is not always the most appealing.

Here is a little tip for making your own soups:
*Sautee enough garlic and onion in a clean oil like coconut or avocado
*When browned, add 32 oz of homemade or a good store bought broth

*Add your favorite veggies and cook down
*Add in sea salt and a little coconut amino for extra vitamins, minerals + amino acids and you are good to go! 

Not Interested in DYI? We are happy to help. Wunder Juice +Garden Juicery Cleanses 
Use code: Happy2017 at check out for $10 OFF your 3 day (or more) cleanse.

Happy New Year and best of health!
xo Andrea + Barry (at the Garden Juicery)

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