Hello Indianapolis.


Wunder is all organic lifestyle company partnering with your for your optimal health.

We handcraft our raw juices + clean food locally in Carmel, Indiana.


With love and light we make raw fresh juices, broths and Reset Programs.

Need suggestions on upgrading your energy and health with our products?

Send us an email and we will give you a complimentary customized strategy. Orders@WunderJuice.com

We offer:
*Juice + Soup & Broth
Order your juices + soups for the week!

*Resets (Cleanses)

If you are looking for an intensive, we offer 3-5 days resets for you to get soul deep and let go of the funk. We offer juice only, juice + soup/broth 


Need a total overhaul? Sometimes we need more than 3-5 days for reset our bodies and minds. We work with certified nutritionists to offer 21-30 day programs. Group cleanses are available.


We are thrilled to partner with Sarah Adams, RN & Nutritional Therapist for Re-Fresh: 21 Day Reset.
This is great for people who want to reset during the week and take it easy on the weekends. It will help to train you how to live 80% clean and 20% other. More details...


*All products are made with all organic or non GMO ingredients. Some items may vary in flavor as produce is available.

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