Reset 30

Ready to Transform?

Change your mind + body in 30 days with nutritionist Elaine Opdahl. She will help guide you back to sanity. 

Reset 30 food plan is designed to make you energized, clean from the inside out and help you shed unwanted weight.

Why 30 Days? It takes 30 days to shift your thinking about food and create metabolic change in the body. With Reset 30, there is no calorie counting or deprivation!

You will eat good, whole food and feel great.

 The Reset 30 is the perfect food plan designed to make you feel your best: 

  • Lose Weight
  • Detoxify and Get Clean Inside and Out
  • Increase Energy with Whole, Organic Comfort Food 
  • Build lasting healthy eating habits so that it becomes a second nature and part of your lifestyle

What is included?

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$12.50 per day / $375 total plan 



Disclaimer: Wunder Juice recommends consulting your doctor if you have specific health concerns before starting any of our cleanse programs. We stand behind the amazing benefits of our products, however, we are not medical doctors and do not claim to cure or diagnose any health conditions.