Golden Poppy Apothecary's: Sacred Postpartum

Golden Poppy Apothecary's: Sacred Postpartum

$ 175.00

Sacred Postpartum Mother Nourishing

with Sarah Josey

Wunder has joined forces with Golden Poppy Apothecary to deliver new mama's a glorious, sacred package to help nourish her body post birth. 

During birth mom gives a significant amount of her stored nutrients over to baby. Labor is a long process and baby’s need for nourishment through milk, and mother’s are often left feeling depleted. Sarah has created a package of warming and safe food for both mama and baby to enjoy.

*The Sacred Postpartum package is a bundle of nourishment delivered to your door to help restore vitality post-birth.

*All organic, clean food is made fresh to order

*Designed by an Herbalist/Nutritionist to help mom recover faster.

*Pregnant mom's may safely enjoy too!

The Package

Servings: Enough for a week depending on amount of family members consuming.

*Sweet Potato Soup

Sweet potatoes pureed w/ coconut milk, turmeric, basil +  ginger

Benefit: Super food packed full of beta-carotene (antioxidants, Vitamin A, cancer fighting)

*Red + Roasted Soup

Roasted tomatoes and herbs simmered with joy and perfection. Does contain chicken stock. Vegetarian made upon request.

Benefit: Will help bring heat and strength back to mom post birth.

*First Day Porridge

This sweet and savory blend of herbs and spices in a traditional rice porridge is a delightful treat. 

Sweetened with maple syrup.

Benefit: Nourishing to the body and soul, is easy to digest 


Mung beans or lentils simmered with healing herbs and spices will warm your soul.

Benefit: Traditional Indian 'comfort' food is easy to digest and high in plant based protein.

*Seeded Granola

A slightly maple syrup sweetened granola with gogi berries, raisins, gf oats, hemp seeds, walnuts, cashews +  almonds.

Benefit: high in protein, antioxidants, good fats to replenish mama's soul

*Postpartum Bliss Tea

Benefit: Designed to help support mom's physical, mental, and emotional well-being post birth.

*Nursing Tea

Benefit: Full of herbs known to help increase and improve breast milk production.

*Blissful Almond Milk

Benefit: A delicious treat

Organic almonds, filtered H2o, cinnamon, sea salt and a hint of honey.