Zen Functional Wellness | Functional Nutritionist, Crystal Melanson

Crystal Melanson, Functional Nutritionist, Zen Functional Wellness


I’m Crystal. I am a passionate FDN® Health and Nutrition Practitioner & Certified Natural Chef. I am here to help you reclaim your health, your happiness and your life. I am compassionate while pushing you to make those changes to live the way you were meant to be.  I have learned that this process is not always easy through my own experiences, as a child I struggled with many unexplained symptoms, chronic hive breakouts, intense joint and muscle pain and digestive distress.

I have struggled with food allergies, a genetic connective tissue disorder, chronic pain, PCOS, fatigue, and anxiety. The general response from the conventional medical world was that that’s “just the way I am,” a disinterest in solving the deeper issues, and a reply of prescription drugs. However, this was not how I wanted to lead my life.

I want you to find an alternative to this response as I have. I investigated and discovered the root cause of these issues, removed what was blocking my health and found internal balance. I implemented diet and lifestyle changes that were right for MY body and was able to regain control. Through a partnership with me, we will investigate what is really going on in YOUR body, look for the root cause of your symptoms, and work with a personalized strategy to take back control of your health.

I am a firm believer that health takes a comprehensive approach including, proper diet and nutrition, rest and sleep, exercise, stress-reduction, and natural drug-free supplementation. Through this, I have changed my own life, from not just surviving my days but embracing them and living with quality. I want to help you do the same.