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RESET 30 Nutrition + Food

Elaine V. Opdahl  is one of WJ's best friends and beloved counseler. She is a certified nutritionist specializing in using whole, organic and clean food to live at your highest potential. Her background is in nutraceuticals, nutrition and natural food development.

Using holistic nutrition and complimentary medicine, she is now symptom free from rheumotoid arthritis. Diet change, stress management and supplementation can help support hormone balancing and healthy weight maintenance. 

Elaine will work closely with you and your physicians or other health care practitioners to create a wellness plan that is complimentary.



The Reset 30 Juice + Food plan is designed to get you ready to feel more energized, detoxified from the inside out & kick start your metabolism. The long-term goal is to build a lasting habit of healthy eating so that it becomes second nature and part of your lifestyle.

This 30 day program starts with the 5 day Detox and Reset Box to help lose your carb cravings, jumpstart your metabolism and help clear out toxins.

Additional benefits from the first 5 days may include:

Increased energy, weight loss, better sleep and an over-all feeling of balance.

Why 30 Days?

You will be amazed at how much your body will be able to transform just by giving it the right food for 30 days straight. 30 days is important because:

1. Your body & mind will reprogram and create new thoughts and habits about food and lifestyle.

2. It is the perfect amount of time to make a change that isn’t daunting but also challenges our mind and body.

3.  Your cells need 30 days to detoxify, start reducing inflammation, reduce unhealthy cravings & form new healthier habits.

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Need Additional Support?  

Customized Nutritional Consultation with Elaine: $60 per hour

  • 1 hour consultation to customize your food plan to address specific needs
  • Custom menus and recipes

Don’t Want to Cook? Wunder Juice + Clean Food delivers grab and go meals weekly to your door!

What is Clean Comfort Food? Shockingly delicious and made fresh with all organic ingredients and nothing refined: NO Sugar, NO Gluten or Wheat, NO Dairy & NO preservatives.

Minimum Order $25

Please note Elaine can help with ideas for menu planning from available delivery foods!

Customized Nutrition Plans   

A holistic approach is used to incorporate sustainable healthy eating patterns into the your lifestyle.


90 Minute Initial Consultation: $120
Complete assessment of the client’s overall health and lifestyle including:

  • Discussion of nutrition, medical and weight history, pertinent labs and medications, and health and nutrition goals.
  • A nutrition plan is created together, including handouts and recommendations to empower clients to reach their goals.
  • Grocery store (link to Grocery store tour) tour is also included with initial consult.


40 Minute Follow-Up Consultations: $60
Support & review of progress and amendments to the initial plan


Don’t live in Northern Colorado?

Virtual Consultations are available (inquire for fees) via Skype, FaceTime, email and telephone.

Contact Elaine at 970-222-6279



Home Visits and Pantry Makeovers

Home Visits: $150
Home visits include a complete assessment and nutrition education and counseling just like an office visit, but in the convenience of your own home.  Elaine will be able to provide in-depth recommendations based on the contents of your refrigerator and pantry.

Grocery Store Tours
60 Minute Guided Grocery Store Tours

Individual and group grocery store tours tailored to meet your unique needs including: specific health conditions such as autoimmune, food allergies, weight management, gluten-free/Celiac, thyroid disorders, etc. 

Elaine Valenza Opdahl is a certified nutritionist focused on whole, organic and clean food. Her background is in Nutraceuticals, Nutrition and Natural Food Development.