Get Clean. 5 Day Detox + Reset

Get Clean. 5 Day Detox + Reset

$ 325.00

Get Clean. 
Need a Reset? This is the perfect package for you, and you will NOT be hungry! Jump start your body- Detox and Reset for 5 Days!

Benefits: Feel more energized, lose weight, sleep better and get balanced.

Your 5 day Detox + Reset Box will include the following for each day:

  • 3 Juices: Fresh, raw mostly green and less fruity juices to detox your cells and minimize spikes in blood sugar (Wunder, Soul Reset, Spicy Chia Lemonade) 
  • Low Glycemic Smoothie
  • Seasonal Wunder Soup (vegan available0
  • Bone Broth to strengthen your digestive system, make your skin glow, build bone density & nurture your immune system. You may heat and drink or add organic veggies.
  • Almond Milky: Healthy way to treat yourself and feel satisfied

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Disclaimer: Wunder Juice recommends consulting your doctor if you have specific health concerns before starting any of our cleanse programs. We stand behind the amazing benefits of our products, however, we are not medical doctors and do not claim to cure or diagnose any health conditions.