wunder juice juice and nourish cleanse

Juice + Soup

$ 66.00

Reset with Juice, Soup and Broth for a more filling experience.
Includes: 3 juices + 1 Smoothie (can sub for more juice) + 1 Broth + 1 Soup 

#1  Chia Lemonade (Digestive Elixir): Honey, Lemon + Turmeric with Chia
#2  Alive (Cellular Flush): Cucumber, Kale, Celery, Lemon + Ginger
#3  Broth (Boosters immune, skin, joints & bones) Chicken or Vegan Available 
#4  Spark (Digestive Elixir): Apple, Lemon + Cayenne
#5  Wunder (Immune & Digestive Tonic): Apple, Romaine/Cucumber, Kale/Collards + Lemon
#6  Seasonal Soup: Tomato, Broccoli, Broth or Sweet Potato


Please note at checkout if you have a preference between chicken. Order by Thursdays. Delivery is $5 in Fort Collins and $10 in Windsor & Loveland