wunder juice level 1 cleanse
wunder juice level 1 soul reset

Level 1: Soul Reset

$ 169.00

Your cleanse includes the following 6 juices for each day:

#1  Spark (Digestive Elixir): Apple juice with lemon and cayenne
#2  Chia Lemonade (Colon Cleanser): Chia lemonade with raw honey
#3  Soul Reset (Liver & Blood Tonic): Beet, cucumber, celery, lemon and ginger
#4  Miracle (Energy Boost): Carrot, lemon and ginger
#5  Wunder (Immune & Digestive Tonic): Apple, romaine or cucumber, kale, and lemon
#6  Enlighten (Skin & Bone Elixir): Romaine or cucumber, carrot, kale and lemon


Disclaimer: Wunder Juice recommends consulting your doctor if you have specific health concerns before starting any of our cleanse programs. We stand behind the amazing benefits of our products, however, we are not medical doctors and do not claim to cure or diagnose any health conditions.